Facebook had rolled out its Live Video feature last month for all the iPhone users after testing it for months on several iPhone devices.

live video

Facebook had been receiving requests from various Android users and it had promised to bring this feature soon. Facebook just announced that this feature will soon be launched on Android. Starting next week this feature will be made available for different Android devices. The move comes in the light of the facts that almost 50% users who watched the live videos were Android users.

The Company said in an official statement,

“Now people in more than 30 countries can share live video via iOS. You can discover live videos from your friends and public figures you follow right in News Feed. While watching a live video, you can tap the Subscribe button to get notified the next time the broadcaster goes live.”

Facebook Live Video feature will allow Android users to share live video feed from their device’s camera just by tapping the ‘Live Video’ icon in the ‘Update Status’ option.

The roll out will commence next week starting in the US, other countries will follow soon.