The Facebook Lite app for Android has received a new update today and has been bumped up to version 21. The latest release is a beta version, so if you don’t like installing betas or if you don’t want to, then you can ignore this update. But if you are constantly using beta apps and update them regularly, then you should definitely get this update.


The latest Facebook Lite APK update comes with version number and build number 43769210. The new Facebook Lite APK download file is just 1.09MB small and works on all Android devices. As this is a beta release, it may not be as stable as the final version. It may crash suddenly or restart automatically a few times a day, but nothing major to worry about.

The developers have not released any changelog with this new update, so we guess there’s nothing new in this update as compared to the previous release. Just the usual performance improvements and bug fixes can be expected. But if you do come across any new feature or significant change in this update, let us know in the comments below.

You can download Facebook Lite beta APK update from If you want to download the beta from the Play Store, you will have to join the beta program if you haven’t already.


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