Facebook did an awesome job with their Android app, which is filled with great features and gives a great user experience. However, Facebook considered the smaller phones with lesser memory that won’t be able to run the Facebook app properly, and it released the Facebook Lite app for such Android phones. Facebook Lite is under 1MB in size and works great on all devices.

Facebook lite download

The Facebook Lite app for Android has just received an update today morning and has been bumped to version number with build number (22529928). This new Facebook 2.0 APK is just 0.57 MB in size and is compatible with all Android devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above.

The Facebook 2.0 APK file is not accompanied by any major changelog, which is why it is hard to tell whether or not it comes with any new additions or changes. But the developers have noted that it does bring improvements for speed and reliability, so guess some performance tweaks and bug fixes have been done here. Also, note that this Facebook Lite 2.0 update is a BETA release and hasn’t been released on the Play Store yet. BETA releases can contain bugs and might crash continuously on your device or even cause it to reboot continuously.

If you are okay with installing BETAs on your Android smartphone, you can download Facebook Lite 2.0 APK free from APKMirror.com.


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