The Facebook app for Android is great for keeping in touch with the latest updates. However, the app is large and does not work very smoothly with low-end phones with lesser RAM and storage. For all those phones, Facebook developers have released a lighter version of the app, called Facebook Lite.

Facebook lite download

Facebook Lite is less than 1MB in size and works with all the Android phones running Android 2.2 and above. The app uses very less data and even works with slow and unstable 2G network connections. You can share updates and pictures and check out the updates and messages from your friends. You also receive notifications for comments and likes on your posts.

The Facebook Lite app for Android has received a new update today, and the new version is now available to download for free from mirror sites like It is just 0.57 MB large and downloads instantly. As for the changes, the Facebook Lite 2.0 is a beta version and isn’t available on the Play Store yet. It improves speed and reliability of the app. However, the Facebook Lite beta is just a beta release and should be used cautiously as it might be buggy and might cause crashes. Just head over to website and enjoy the latest version.


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