The full Facebook app, as we all know, is large in size and does not work properly on low-end devices. Even if it is compatible with such devices, the low amount of RAM and slow processor make the Facebook app lag and slow down or even crash many times. For all such devices, it is better to use the Facebook Lite app.

Facebook lite download

If you download Facebook Lite APK, you will notice that is is just around 1 MB in size. It downloads and installs very quickly and uses less data than the full app. Also, Facebook Lite works fast even in 2G networks and loads very quickly. It uses less storage and very less RAM and can be installed on all Android tablets and smartphones.

The Facebook Lite APK download file has been updated to version and carries build number 31318144. It weighs 1.06 MB and is supported on Android 2.3+ devices. The new update is a beta release and might be unstable or might contain bugs. It comes with speed and reliability improvements though, so you shouldn’t face any problems if you want to try out this new version.

To download Facebook Lite APK for Android, go to


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