Facebook launched its apps for Windows 10 a month ago, but the same still haven’t made their way to Windows 10 Mobile. While we do have the one developed by Microsoft and Facebook in collaboration, it still lacks the latest features like reactions, embedded web-articles and more.

The same goes for the Facebook Messenger app which hasn’t been updated for a while now and doesn’t incorporate gif support or Facebook calling features among others.

At the launch of the Facebook apps for Windows 10, the company did reveal its plan for mobile devices, and today, we have the first look of the new apps. These are the leaked screenshots with blurred context.

From the looks of it, it does appear as an iOS just like the Instagram and Facebook apps for Windows 10. This does take some points away as the Microsoft’s Facebook app was more performant and integrated better with the Windows phone features. Anyways, now that Microsoft has handed over the development to Facebook, we should see it more in-line with other platforms rather than Windows 10.

Both the apps will be fully featured ones, and might take some time before reaching the Windows store.

Let us know your take on the upcoming Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.


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