So it is nothing new under the sky – Facebook gets updated. But unlike the Android version of the Facebook app that receives a new update almost every day, Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile does not get daily updates. Facebook has updated their beta app for Windows 10 Mobile, and the app now stands at version 10.2.301.0.

Unfortunately, this new Facebook update for Windows 10 Mobile does not carry a changelog with it, so we can’t tell what’s new or what’s changed.

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In the meantime, let’s rewind and see what the previous changelog mentioned. The previous update to the Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile brought improvements to News Feed and Notification and also improved contact sync and stability. The overall sharing experience was also made better and bug fixes were resolved. As we said earlier, we don’t know what the latest update brings, but we at least expect bug fixes, a lot of time.

Facebook’s Windows 10 Mobile app is currently plagued by issues like poor performance and regular crashes, which is not a good thing for end users. We expect the developers to send out major bug fixes and stability enhancements to the app in the next few updates. So stay tuned for the latest news.