The developers of the Facebook app for Android send out updates to the app every other day. And in line with their habits, the developers have released another updated for the Facebook APK today. The new update brings version number with build number 23966726. The Facebook APK can be installed on all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 or above, and the download file is 35.93 MB in size.


The latest Facebook APK download does not offer any new features over the previous update. But as it is a release, it brings speed and reliability improvements as expected. We also think that the update might carry some other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes to make the app better overall.

However, this Facebook APK download is an alpha release, which means that if it solves some bugs, it might even introduce some bugs. Alpha releases come before beta releases, so you can imagine that this update might be unstable and may crash again and again. It is also possible that it might cause your device to slow down, reboot, or hang, and you might even experience battery drainage issues. But that’s the case with alpha releases, and you should know all this before testing out the update.

If you are okay with installing an alpha update on your device, you can go to to download Facebook APK free.


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