The Google Play Store houses thousands, or perhaps millions of free apps. Many of them are able to reach a respectable number of downloads, while most of them get neglected and go down in the search results. And then there are some really awesome apps that are continuously on top of the charts. One such app is the hyper-popular Facebook app for Android. The app is a free download for Android and has kept people glued to their Android smartphones.

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Most of the users accept that the Facebook app for Android smartphones is better than the web version, as it brings them all the information in a very compact space. This makes it very easy to glide through all the features. Each and every option is tucked away neatly inside the app, and you never feel the need to go to your PC for Facebook browsing. All thanks to the Facebook app developers, who have kept the updated with latest features and bug fixes so that it works smoothly and speedily as always.

Well, another Facebook app APK update is in works, and the developers have already made the Alpha release of the update available. The new Facebook (21008485) update, as you can make out from the version number, does not seem to be a major update and might hardly bring any new features. It weighs total 31.85 MB in size and requires at least Android 4.0.3. No changelog has been provided for this release. So we don’t quite know what changes we must expect from it. Though don’t ask for new features, as this Facebook update might only contain bug fixes, performance improvements, and little visual tweaks.

As we already mentioned, this is an Alpha update, which means that this is the initial release (it’s not even in beta phase yet). So it is likely that it might not work smoothly, and even though it might fix some bugs, it also carries the potential to introduce some new bugs. So if you want to play around with the new update, you can download it from mirror sites like


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