Face Swap On Snapchat Is Easy: Here Is How To Do

Snapchat has gained massive popularity and has become the social media of selfies in no time. One great feature of Snapchat is the lenses that are added to it regularly, and different lenses provide different amazing effects for bringing out exciting images, mostly funny ones. Among the many weird lenses available in the app, one of the recent ones is Face Swap.

Face Swap is basically a two-person lens and is perhaps the most popular lens Snapchat has every released. It has gained instant massive popularity, not only among the regular users but also with celebrities. The social media is full of FaceSwap selfies, and you can swap faces with anyone or anything.

Face Swap is actually not very easy to use and it takes some time to get the perfect shots. Many users seem to be having difficulty in using this feature, so in this tutorial, we will tell you “How to Face Swap on Snapchat“.

how to face swap on snapchat
Image: @shamsheffer

Before going ahead, update the Snapchat app to the latest version. If you don’t know how to use Face Swap lens in Snapchat, just follow the below-given easy tutorial and you’ll be swapping faces in no time!

How To Use Face Swap Lens On Snapchat

  1. Grab a pet, a photo of someone, a doll, a friend, or anything or anyone that you would like to swap faces with.
  2. Now launch the Snapchat app and tap twice on the camera screen for activating the front camera.
  3. Then tap and hold on your face until the new lenses come up. Browse through them and choose the Face Swap lens, denoted by two smiling faces and arrows.
  4. Now point the front camera at you with the second person beside you.
  5. Once the camera recognizes two faces, it will swap them automatically.
  6. You can now snap a photo or shoot a small video clip.

In case you are not able to take a photo properly with the Face Swap lens in Snapchat, try keeping your face further away from the screen and try snapping again. It will take some practice before you can get it right, but don’t worry. Keep snapping and you will surely get perfect at the art of Face Swapping!

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