In what was some unfortunate news earlier this year, the development of Fable Legends was cancelled, along with the announcement of the closure of the studio that was developing it, Lionhead. It seems however, that all may not be lost just yet. Three different sources are now claiming that discussions are ongoing for the game to be saved. This would be quite the relief, considering how far along the game was in development before it was scrapped.

Fable Legends

Talking to MCV, the sources have claimed that while there are no offers for either the game or the studio, staff is being surveyed on whether they would like to continue working on Fable Legends or accept the redundancy package put before them and leave at the end of April.

Furthermore, one of the sources went on to say that a proposal from certain Lionhead employees suggests continuing development on the game as an independent studio. It is not hard to tell that the folks over at Lionhead would really, really like to get back to work on the game. Fable Legends was original scheduled to release in the first half of 2016 for the Xbox One and PC.

Microsoft, of course, has said nothing about this revelation. Their current line is simply that Fable Legends is no longer in development, and that Lionhead is currently proposed to be closed as well. We’ll have to wait and watch how this one unfolds.


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