ExtraTorrent.cc to Shut Down Soon Like KickAss Torrents; New Domains To Be Created By Operators For Hijacked Mirrors

The movies, iconic series, amazing games were just one click away, but the cyber world is not the same anymore and the torrents sites are now doomed. The initial punches by the cyber police were suffered by KickassTorrents and Torrentz.eu. And then the attention went to ExtraTorrent.cc, which is now under a scanner and might be taken down soon. The best alternative torrent website after The Pirates Bay was ExtraTorrent.cc and the best hope for the cyber population.

Kickass Torrents
Kickass Torrents

The reason behind ExtraTorrent.cc being taken down, as per a report published by Yibada, acknowledges that the website had lost control over all of its domains, which ultimately led to its “under attack” status.

ExtraTorrent.cc has been a home of several movies, games, songs and sitcoms. According to Digital Music News, the website holds an Alexa ranking of 393 in the USA and 209 Worldwide. The website is highly popular amongst the majority of people in the world and is supposed to have 170 million torrents visits, every month. That’s huge!

Since ExtraTorrent.cc was the only alternative to KickAssTorrents and Torrentz.eu, it got a blast of visitors and when the reports of its shutdown surfaced online, the number of visitors increased exponentially further amplifying the per month traffic of the website.

The domains that had lost control under ExtraTorrent.cc are ExtraTorrent.rocks, ExtraTorrent.date, and Etproxy.top. As per a statement released by the domain registrar Subreg.cz, the domains did not lose control or got blocked but became inaccessible. But still, there is no flat evidence presented by ExtraTorrent.cc to prove this. In order to duplicate the hijacked mirror domains, ExtraTorrent has set up two new domains, ExtraTorrent.site and Extra.to. The website is currently fully functional despite the reports.