This year must be a start of a new era as famous virtual reality headsets will be introduced to public like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony’s PlayStation VR. However, such products require intensive computational capacity that your computer or console must bring to render a whole virtual reality content.

With that, it is best to upgrade your own rig together to some high-end specs for you to experience virtual reality at its finest. This will require high-end GPU’s and CPU’s to deliver crisp VR content. But what about people who use laptops as their main gaming center with limited processing speed? Worry not, because there’s a new device that can help you achieve the most exciting VR-content from your laptop, coming from Razer.

Razer invested on a trick that enables laptop users to add dedicated GPU to enhance their gaming experience, specifically to handle VR content. Though this accessory is announced few months ago, it is on its peak today as VR headsets will make their way to the market. An external GPU enclosure called the Razer Core external graphics enclosure.Razer-Feature-640x353

With this, you can insert a new GPU in a laptop via USB. Currently, this is only available for certain Razer laptops like Blade Stealth laptop. However, when the time comes when VR headsets are released, external graphics enclosure will also make its compatibility to other brands of laptops, giving full access to VR content even when using your laptop.

The enclosure uses a USB Type-C port to connect to a laptop and needs a Thunderbolt 3 protocol to transfer data and is compatible with different kinds of GPUs.


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