Apple has recently offered up to $200,000 in bounty rewards for their very first bug hunting program for hackers but a private firm known as Exodus Intelligence is offering double the money.

Hackers can make money by either stealing directly from their victims or by being part of a bug bounty program to search for vulnerabilities and exploits in exchange for money. White hat hackers and security researchers usually go for the latter while black or even gray hat hackers opt for just stealing the money themselves using their own exploits and phishing attacks.

The Cupertino-based tech giant launched their first bug bounty program last week by offering up to $200,000 in cash for hackers who find vulnerabilities. Facebook and other tech giants already have similar programs and it has served them well over the years as their software security is stronger than ever.

Exodus Intelligence has upped the game by offering up to $500,000 for iOS 9.3 hacks and vulnerabilities from hackers, The Verge has learned. Hackers could be more enticed by their offer and choose to send them their hacks and exploits instead of to Apple themselves.

The firm trades exploits to make money and iOS 9.3 is just one of their many targets for vulnerabilities. Exodus Intelligence is also searching for vulnerabilities and hacks for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Adobe Reader and even Adobe Flash which pays up to $60,000 in maximum rewards.

White hat hackers and security researchers may get more out of disclosing discovered exploits and vulnerabilities to Apple as they would get recognition, BGR reported. It will immensely help their reputation and they could also garner more clients that will ask for their services.

Apple’s largest max payout is for exploits and vulnerabilities found under secure boot firmware components. There is also a $100,000 bounty for bugs with the Secure Enclave Processor in the iOS platform.


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