Microsoft Mexico had earlier posted information suggesting that the much awaited Windows 10 Mobile operating system might launch on February 29th. Microsoft has not denied nor confirmed this report and has not yet announced the release date for the new version of the operating system. As February 29th approaches the Windows Phone users are not expecting much from Microsoft as they’ve delayed the update two times before. But this might very well be a marketing technique from Microsoft to come out with the update when no one is expecting it.


Forums at Reddit and other communities have mentioned their lack of excitement about the launch because they are sure Microsoft will delay it again. Microsoft remaining quite about this situation might be doing them harm rather than good. They might lose some of their long time Windows Phone users due to this level of secrecy. Users expect a little more transparency from the company and the release of Windows 10 Mobile on February 29th might help Microsoft to recapture the faith of some of the users.

Some reports from China said that Microsoft had already rolled out the final version of the Windows 10 Mobile OS to the Lumia 720T. Microsoft might be testing out its OS by launching it for some regions to check its stability and performance. None of this has been confirmed officially. There are also reports that Microsoft is working on Windows 10 Mobile ROMS for Oneplus 2, Oneplus 3 and Xiaomi Mi5.