After knowing that the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro will get dual camera and 256GB storage and will be the costliest in the series, here’s another major leak that might come out to be true. Kevin Wang, director of a market research firm in China, has leaked out a very crucial information about the iPhone 7. According to him, the iPhone 7 will get a hidden Touch ID sensor!

Kevin leaked the news on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Citing a “friend in (Apple’s) supply chain”, Kevin posted that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 7 will be hidden. This also means that the Home button might get removed completely, thus leaving a front made up only of the screen and nothing else, giving a futuristic look to the device.

iphone 7 hidden touch id

A hidden Touch ID fingerprint sensor is possible and logical too without being futuristic. All Apple needs to do is embed the sensor on certain areas of the display. The users would have to keep their fingers on those specific but easy-to-find areas (probably software-guided) to unlock the device. We don’t know how Apple is going to make it easier without any hassles, but if the company wants it, then it will surely find a way.

Meanwhile, Kevin had also posted earlier today that only the top variant of the iPhone 7 Plus will get the dual camera, thus confirming our earlier report.