Yes, you heard it right! Apple might finally be ready to let go off the 16GB storage version on the iPhone lineup. Most of the manufacturers have already started providing 32GB internal storage as a minimum, and Apple was being severely criticized for not having a 32GB version between the iPhone’s 16GB and 64GB offerings. Well, it looks like Apple will make its fans happy with the iPhone 7.

iphone 7 32gb

Kevin Wang, Director of Market Research at IHS Technology in China, posted on Weibo today that the iPhone 7 will be getting 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage as a minimum. He claimed to have got the information through “supply chain research”. Kevin has provided some important, genuine information earlier too, which is why we think this new, major leak is genuine too.

And anyway, it is high time for Apple to stop making useless 16GB versions, so this information is almost confirmed. As for the memory, Apple had bumped up the RAM from 1GB in the iPhone 6 to 2GB in the iPhone 6s, so the company will most likely not provide another upgrade so soon. This confirms the 2GB RAM detail.

Some days ago, Kevin had leaked out another information stating that the iPhone 7 will get hidden Touch ID. It is possible for that leak to be true as well, but let’s just take that with a pinch of salt.


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