“Santa Clarita Diet” is one of the latest must-watch Netflix TV Show involving a cute zombie mom played by Drew Barrymore. The show became a huge hit to zombie-loving fans when it aired on February 3, 2017, especially after Drew Barrymore’s return to the spotlight after a few decades.

Image from denofgeek.com
Image from denofgeek.com

The show revolves around Drew Barrymore’s character, Sheila, having returned from the dead and now craves for fresh meat and human flesh. Sure, she still lives with her family while having to know all that. They still help her get through her diet despite having a zombie mom.

Some scenes may get a bit gruesome and gory for the audience. You see her munching on some human body parts and raw meat in the most lovable way, just like in the series trailer. After a while, you can’t help but wonder, though, “what is she really eating?”

Image from au.pinterest.com
Image from au.pinterest.com

Good thing, the viewer’s curiosity was satisfied by the head of the makeup and props team, Christien Tinsley. They made the human body parts look like the real thing thanks to a secret, and now not a secret ingredient, gummy bear formula!

In the latest interview with NY Post, Tinsley said that gummy bear formula was the most suitable ingredient to replicate raw meat. He also added that fake blood was made from water and methyl cellulose to make it thicker.

“There were so many things you couldn’t use. I would have said let’s get some raw tuna, sushi-grade, and bloody it up and make life easy and it didn’t work that way,” Tinsley tells The Post.

“We ended up defaulting to gummy bear formula. It’s gelatinous, it’s translucent, we can cast it into food-grade molds we created to look like meat and visceral tendon, and we could paint them with food dyes.”

Now we know why Drew Barrymore enjoys eating all those juicy body parts in the show.

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