Long-lasting Grand Theft Auto maker and some other Rockstar North representatives are chipping away at a game that permits you to do anything, all over the place. Back in mid-2016, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies left the organization taking after a 17-month holiday. It appeared to be friendly at first. In any case, Benzies filed a $150 million claim in April asserting that he was constrained out. As far as it concerns them, Rockstar parent organization Take-Two said that his claims are altogether without legitimacy and in many cases out and out odd. There’s no recounting how that story will turn out. Be that as it may, in the interim, Benzies has set up another studio and declared a fresh out of the plastic new game called Everywhere.

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Everywhere is the new game by previous Rockstar North manager

The right now anonymous studio is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland and Los Angeles, California. Some other Rockstar North top talent joined Benzies. The studio has around 30 representatives and continues to enlist more talent. The studio has declared its first game with the working title Everywhere. There’s no gameplay film or screenshots, and the points of interest are fairly ambiguous.

Everywhere is being made in Amazon’s Lumberyard engine. You may recall that Cloud Imperium Games has moved Star Citizen to that very engine and dropped CryEngine. Benzies additionally tended to the conceivable correlations with Grand Theft Auto. “Everywhere is very different from GTA,” he said to Polygon. “There may be parts of our game that include satire. But the tone will be very different and at times our players will be in control of how the tone is set.”

Source: Polygon


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