Everbuying, the online retailer known for its exceptional deals, has come up with a new tempting offer. It is offering the best prices on four of the best-selling smartwatches of 2015. These offers will start on September 15 at 09:00 GMT and can be viewed by visiting Everbuying.

Update – All outgoing Everbuying URLs removed as they are not live anymore.

a_03The first watch being offered is the MIFONE W15, which is available at 50% off, i.e., only for $9.90! The original price of the watch is $19.99. It is an amazing Bluetooth watch with a 2.5D curved glass screen and an anti-allergic wrist band. If you want to buy the watch, you can visit the Everbuying; remember that the offer will only last until the stock is available.

a_05Another watch on sale is the Ulefone uWear, which you can buy here. The Ulefone watch, originally priced at $29.99, will be on sale from September 15-24; it will be available for $22.99 till September 18, $23.99 from September 18-21, and $26.99 till September 24. After that, it will revert to its usual price.

a_06Zeblaze Crystal smartwatch is third watch in the offer bouquet from Everbuying. This smart accessory will be available at just $54.99 from September 15 on, and will be available only till the stock lasts. You can buy this device here.

a_07Lastly, the DZO9, a smartwatch with remarkable features, will be available for $22.99. It can be purchased here.

We are excited about Everbuying’s offers and eagerly await the sale!


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