If you are a hardcore fan of smartphone (Which I am sure you are), then you would know that the hottest subject around the net right now is, of course, the mystical Galaxy Note 5. There has been a certain rumor that the Galaxy Note 5 will be introduced much earlier than planned in 12th of August event set in New York. There has even been several other rumors claiming that the Note 5 will not be the only Samsung-branded device that will be inaugurated but will also be accompanied by the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus as a bonus. Whether it’s real or not, we and the rest of the world is yet to know, but what we do know that not only it will be a vision-satisfied handset, it will also have monstrous hardware to solidify its rightful status on top of all other competitors.

samsung galaxy note 5, image, photos, leaks, rumorsHowever, we shared our deepest condolences to the fans of this device living in Europe. For according to some recent reports, people from European’s countries will have late access to the Note 5 than the rest of the world. How long you have to wait is yet to be known, but reports vary the day from August 12th to around the twenties of August. The source from SamMobile told us that the people from North America, China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Asia will have the chance to touch the handset at launch, while Europeans will have to wait for quite a bit more to get the privilege to do so.

Samsung, Galaxy Note 5, image, photos, concept, phabletThough, if you are coming from Europe, it’s no time for panic just yet. There’s still a shimmer of chance for you, people! The source has got to this conclusion because, unlike other branches of Samsung; Samsung Europe and Samsung Russia has yet to work on their respective Galaxy Note 5 firmware. Well, of course, has a high chance that it will turn wrong for Europe is a very large market for such hot device.

Since Samsung still kept us in the dark for its plan for the Galaxy Note 5, of course there’s still no solid confirmation on if Samsung would indeed bypassing one of its most potential market or not. Still, lots of things can happen so don’t get your hope high just yet.

As always, the answer will surely be given on the August of 12th, we’ll keep you posted.


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