Entertainment news this week saw reports of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s imminent divorce and Queen Elizabeth suspending the responsibilities of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Of late, it looks like Queen Elizabeth is ignoring Kate Middleton and Prince William and instead paying more attention to Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle. This could be very well be one of the reasons for the rift between Kate and Prince. It remains to be seen if their relationship ends in a divorce.

Meanwhile Game of Thrones heart-throb Kit Harington was in the news. He’s reportedly united with Rose Leslie who plays the character of Ygritte in the series. Their real-life relationship had been in the dark, with rumors about Kit Harington dumping her for the stunning and gorgeous Emilia Clarke. It now looks like the duo are actually together, amidst rumors of Kit Harington having an affair with Emilia Clarke, as they were spotted spending the Thanksgiving weekend in Belfast.

arrow season 5

Stephen Amell has tweeted about the spoilers for upcoming Arrow episodes. The Black Canary appearing towards the end of the previous episode is a major cliffhanger, which has left the audience clamoring for more. Is she really back? Amell’s spoilers hint at a strong possibility of Laurel Lance’s resurrection being explained in the upcoming episode of Arrow Season 5. Meanwhile in the Vampire Series drama, Candice King has told that a lot of questions which will be answered through the next episode. You will come to know a lot about Matt’s Dad in the coming episode. You will learn about the history of the family in Mystic falls especially about the Donovan Family. You will also discover lies in store for Damon and Stefan.

The well-known couple Robert Pattinson and Twilight actress Kristen Stewart have been known to reunite and their fans are going head over heels on this news. But this seems to be a rumor and the fans are going to get a shock for their life. The now girlfriend of Robert Pattinson is FKA twigs and they both are happily engaged. However, everything is not merry in their gala land as FKA caught her fiance’s phone with the call list filled with Kristen Stewart’s number. This has not only annoyed her but has also led to tremors in their marriage proposals.

As the fans had started to expect that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will get back together and recreate the magic they had as a couple, talks are that Niall Horan the One Direction singer is trying to woo Selena Gomez and get the fire ignited within. Rumours sparked when the duo hugged each other after the performance of “This Town” by Niall.

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