If there’s one thing that sells like hot cakes in this world, it’s Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment. This week saw several exciting news in the lives of celebs. Since the beginning of their show Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, rumors surrounding Park Go Gum and Kim Yoo Jung’s real life love-affair were already making rounds. Now, Park Go Gum has expressed his desire to date the gorgeous, stunning Kim Yoo Jung. He said – “We both also want to date. While watching Lee Young and La Ohn’s romance, I couldn’t stand it because it made my heart pound.” 


Meanwhile, in other shows related news, the return of the epic series – Descendants of the Sun 2 – may not materialize. And even if it does, it is likely to happen without the lead actors of the show. Seems like SongSong fans will have a disappointing 2017. The reason for Song Joong-Ki “not” being on the show is due to his involvement in a lawsuit with a Hong Kong-based entertainment company which equates to nearly $ 1.2 million. Marvel Universe news is back and this time with some heavy spoilers. Latest news leaked from the Marvel world in a cover of comic Civil War II releases a heartbreaking information –  Stark dies in the third installment of Avengers. Don’t blame us for the spoiler. Instead, pray this is just a rumor! Avengers without the iconic Tony Stark is null and void. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

In news related to TV shows, “Peaky Blinders” next season – the show that has gathered a massive fan following – is expected to release next year. Tommy Shelby, the criminal gang leader played by Cillian Murphy, is said to return with more terrifying storyline next year. Meanwhile, RWBY Volume 4 chapter 4 will release sometime this week. The chapter will focus on what dangers Ruby Rose will have to face on her journey. As for the popular ‘The Fall’ Season 4, Gibson’s character will get a chance to survive from Spector’s attack and that will be the focus point of the fourth installment of the show. Jamie Dornan, who was killed in the finale, will exit from the show. In the last episode, Jamie Dornan’s character, Paul Spector was killed and the detective, Stella Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson was also killed by Spector after he attacked her. This had left the fans wondering about the continuation of the show, as the two leads were dead in the season finale of the third installment of the show.

For all the entertainment news coverage in-depth, read on!

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