We’re curious who got more mad about this: Sony or Microsoft. No, Sony didn’t make this. It’s a third party controller made by another company called EMiO but should you buy it? Well, it’s definitely a really good controller and here we outline some of its features to convince you to buy it.

emio elite controller
via emio

EMiO Elite Controller releasing for the PlayStation 4 in a few days, here’s what it will feature

It has customizable D-Pad, Joysticks, Rear Paddles, Joystick grips Trigger locks to pull halfway or full range rapid fire. The controller also has interchangeable thumb sticks and grips, 2 pairs of colored joystick grips and the included PS4 Elite Controller is compatible with Xbox Elite Controller accessories for use with all PS4 systems. There are interchangeable Rear Control Paddles, Interchangeable D-Pad and Directional Disc Silicon back grip material.

You get rechargeable charging with micro USB cable (included). Included USB dongle connects to your PS4 console and pairs controller automatically. Customizable trigger locks for LT and RT buttons. When locked, button only pushes halfway for faster shooting, saving valuable time with each trigger pull. Easily switch back to full trigger motion.

So, how does the new controller fare with the DS4? The sticks being at the same angle makes it more simple to push the sticks in the correct direction. The DS4 feels a slightly better quality in terms of buttons. Both controllers are comfortable on the triggers, but it’s a bit of a stretch to hit the bumpers. Game compatibility is improving for the DS4. You can also connect it to your PC via Bluetooth, and customize the light bar to just about any color you want. Or you can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and play mobile games or Remote Play.

We hope Microsoft makes a controller that has the d-pad interchangeable with the left thumb stick. The d-pad is just too low for fighting games, that’s why a lot of players like the PS4 controller over the XB1 controller. Anyways, let us know your thoughts on the EMiO Elite Controller for the PlayStation 4.


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