Eminem fans have been eagerly waiting for him to come out with his new album. Despite the fact that there is no confirmation from the rapper regarding his latest musical score, fans are speculating that he may drop the album on April 9. Check out why!

Eminem & Rosenburg Photo Hint

The rumors triggered off when the manager of Eminem, Paul Rosenberg posted few photos of both of them together on his Instagram account, reports The Christian Post. The photos reveal the duo hanging out at a 7-Eleven store. Incidentally, he has captioned one of the photos as “It’s been a long time…#7elevenseries.”

A first look suggests that it is just another photograph of Eminem with his manager. However, when a few eager fans looked out at the picture carefully, they picked up one interesting detail. The picture shows “The Real Slim Shady” singer with something written on one of his palms. And the writing reads as “April 9,” reports Capital Xtra.


The moment the fans cracked down this mystery, they began to speculate that Eminem will possibly launch his new album on this date. However, there is no reason for most of the fans to believe such rumors as with only a few days to go and the rapper is yet to declare or confirm anything about his new album. So possibly, he might be suggesting something else with the “April 9” writing rather than the release date of his new album.

Eminem Previous Tracks and Albums

Previously too rumors and speculations about the album and new musical tracks of the rapper were circulated by fans. But none of them came out to be true. For instance, last year reports indicated that Eminem will be releasing a new album titled, “Success” in January in collaboration with Adele.

Instead, the rapper released a diss track called “Campaign Speech” aimed at the current president Donald Trump who was campaigning for the elections at that time.  So, it is quite possible that the latest report about Eminem’s album release on April 9 may not be true at all.


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