Bethesda announced a few days ago that One Tamriel DLC update 12 will be free for all players. One Tamriel aims to unify the Elder Scrolls Online universe by removing the level cap restriction which hinders players from exploring certain areas. The game will feel more like a traditional Elder Scrolls game. You can explore any area right after playing the tutorial. The official Bethesda blog goes into detail of all this.

“Our unique battle-leveling system will automatically scale and balance your character to the content, no matter where you go.”

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Elder Scrolls Online Update 12 Brings Improvements to alliances and PvP

Bethesda has also made it easier to form groups by removing alliance restrictions for all areas except the PvP ones. This means you can now add your low-level newbie buddy to your alliance and both of you can explore dungeons and face dangers together. This will greatly enhance the social and fun factor of the game.

“Every zone has been redesigned to add world bosses and ensure a mixture of content for solo and group play is available, and all of our dungeons now offer both Normal and Veteran modes, so there will always be something for you, no matter what your play style might be.”

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Dueling and Festivals

Update 12 is introducing Duels. You can now challenge other players to a one on one fight and test your current build of weapon and armor. There will also be holiday events where you and your friends can get loads of rewards. The first event will be the Witches Festival in October and the last one will be the Next Life Festival. Bethesda is also introducing crown crates, as explained on their blog.

“These Crates, available in the Crown Store for just 400 crowns, will contain a randomized selection of useful consumables, and offer a chance to obtain rare and unique cosmetic items or mounts, including some previously retired mounts, costumes, pets, and limited-time offers that are no longer available in the Crown Store.”

Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition will also be launching this September and will include the main game plus all released DLCs: Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood. Do you plan to jump into some online PvP in Cyrodil this September? Let us know in the comments below.