The Elder Scrolls will soon be getting a DLC pack focused entirely on the Dark Brotherhood, and and it has now been confirmed that the DLC pack will go live on May 31st for the PC and Mac, followed by June 14th for the PS4 and Xbox One. It is already available on the Public Test Server, starting yesterday.

elder scrolls online dark brotherhood quests

The Elder Scrolls series has had a long history of quests involving the Dark Brotherhood, a band of shadowy assassins. Unlike most quests, there’s usually nothing noble about Dark Brotherhood quests: they simply involve finding an eliminating targets. This will likely be the case for The Elder Scrolls Online as well.

In Elder Scrolls Online, the Dark Brotherhood is based on the Gold Coast, and you get a special passive skill tree for joining it. There’s also a story involving a new, mysterious enemy who’s taking out Brotherhood agents: basically, someone giving the Brotherhood a taste of their own medicine.

The Dark Brotherhood DLC is included in the Plus subscription for the game, or can alternately be bought from the game’s Crown Store for 2000 crowns. Are you going to play the Dark Brotherhood DLC? Let us know in the comments below.


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