There are a lot of rumors going around that the Elder Scrolls 6 is already in pre-production. So, we thought it is a good time to speculate about where we would expect the game to take place and our first pick is Akavir.

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Could The Elder Scrolls 6 take place in Akavir?

A lot of you must be bewildered at first and would have the obvious question in your mind. How could the Tsaesci have been the ones who Remen Cyrodil fought when the Akaviri ghost you talk to at pale pass in Oblivion is human? Didn’t the Tsaesci ate all of the humans in Akavir.?

The Akaviri army was made up of both Tsaesci and the human natives from Akavir, who were mostly slaves drafted into military service. However, those that weren’t enslaved were the ones that eventually became the Dragonguard. And it’s unknown if the Tsaesci actually ate the men of Akavir or if the term “ate” was just a metaphor for the utter absorption of their culture with their enslavements. But the in-game book that the info came from was written far after the Reman Dynasty, so the men were probably still alive at the time of their invasion.

A theory could be seen as that the Blades were the human Akavir that escaped the Tsaesci and were trying to find a new home. The early blades used the excuse of hunting dragons as a way to stay in Tamriel. So, we would be seeing a lot of old friends returning in The Elder Scrolls 6 if the game takes place in Akavir. Anyways, let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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