P.A. Works announced that it is producing a second season of The Eccentric Family. The announcement was made at a stage event at the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair on Sunday. It is expected that main staff members of the first series will make a comeback for the second one. The main cast of the series is also likely to remain the same.

The first series was based on the eponymous original novel, written by Tomihiko Morimi of The Tatami Galaxy fame. The novel was published by Gentosha in 2010 while the sequel was published in 2015. Upcoming Anime series is based on the second novel.

The plot follows the adventures of Shimogamo Yasaburo, a shape-shifting racoon-dog or tanuki. He is the third son of the Shimogamo family. His father was devoured by human beings belonging to the “Friday Club.” Yasaburo attempts to reconcile with the truth about his father’s death while he also takes care of his teacher, who is a long-nosed goblin or a tengu.

Image Courtesy: https://animeblurayuk.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/mvm-to-release-the-eccentric-family-as-a-collectors-edition-blu-ray/
Image Courtesy: https://animeblurayuk.wordpress.com/

Morimi hinted that new characters will be added to the second installment of the series as he said, “The highlight of Uchōten Kazoku 2 is the attractive new characters.” The first series won various acclaims including Excellence Award at the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards. The Blu-ray Disc box for the first series will be released by Bandai Visual for the Japanese market.

The second series will be directed by Masayuki Yoshihara and the characters will be designed by koji Kumeta. Kousuke Kawazura has been named as animation director while Harumi Okamoto and Yusuke Takeda will be the art directors for the series.

Further, Takahiro Sakurai will reprise his role as Yasaburo Shimogamo. Mamiko Noto will also return as Benten. Junichi Suwabe, Hiroyuki Yoshino, and Mai Nakahara will also appear as the members of Shimogamo household.


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