After over a year of beta testing, Microsoft finally began the phase-1 of Windows 10 Mobile rollout earlier today. That essentially means, awaiting Windows loyalists will now be able to install the new operating system on their devices.

Those of you looking to execute the Windows Phone to Windows 10 upgrade right away, make sure that you follow these steps in order to get through the whole process without any inconvenience.

Windows 10 Mobile

Step 1: Download the UpdateAdvisor application

First and foremost, you will have to visit the Windows Store and download the UpdateAdvisor app. This is a free tool from Microsoft designed to help users know whenever their device is ready for a new update.

Download the app, launch it and then let it scan your device and check for any available update. A word of caution here..!

Microsoft recommends that users carry out the upgrade only when a WiFi connection is available. That’s because Windows 10 Mobile is a large file and it might end up consuming a lot of time and bandwidth in a typical data network.

Once it is done scanning your device, the app will let you know whether or not your device is currently compatible with the update. If it is not, there is nothing you can do other than waiting till it is made available for your device too.

(Here you can access the list of devices ready for the Windows 10 Mobile update at this point.)

Step#2 Download and Install Windows 10 Mobile

As soon as you complete step#1, the only thing you are left with is the download and installation of Windows 10 Mobile. Just go over the ‘phone update’ section in Windows Phone and kickstart the process – simple as that!

Be reminded, the Windows 10 Mobile file you are downloading is pretty huge (1.5 GB approx) and therefore, it might take some time depending on your internet speed. As the process nears completion, it will ask you to reboot the device. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and the automated update process will take care of the rest.


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