Earth’s climate has been consistently degrading since the past few decades. According to Mauna Loa Observatory, based in Hawaii, Earth has recorded a new dangerous climate milestone on April 18 as the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels have reached 410 parts per million (ppm). CO2 levels have never reached such a level in human history.

Mauna Loa Observatory has been recording atmospheric CO2 levels since its establishment in 1956. In 1958, CO2 levels were at 280 ppm. In 2013, it crossed two-fold mark by surpassing 400 ppm. Since 2013, CO2 levels have been revolving around 400 ppm mark. However, scientists have been warning people that the CO2 levels could soon hit a new milestone.

CO2 Levels 410 PPM

If the current trend in the atmospheric CO2 levels continues, mankind could end up witnessing a climatic change that has never happened in the past 50 million years. Gavin Foster, paleoclimate researcher, said it is depressing to see CO2 levels surpassing 400 ppm mark within few years. He adds – “These milestones are just numbers, but they give us an opportunity to pause and take stock and act as useful yard sticks for comparisons to the geological record.”

How does the increase in atmospheric CO2 levels affect our planet? Carbon dioxide is one of the major contributors that cause a change in Earth’s climatic conditions. The only thing that can be done to prevent climate from degrading further is to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the air by human activities.

Carbon dioxide emission

Climatic conditions such as El Nino have been known for generating considerable amount of CO2 in the last few years. However, it has been found that it is mainly because of the large amounts of fossil fuels burnt by humans that CO2 is reaching such high levels. “It’s only when the emissions are reduced in half, the CO2 levels in the atmosphere can go down” says Pieter Tans, an atmospheric scientist with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

  • Carroll MacDonald

    It doesn’t do much for people with asthma or other breathing issues.

  • Jill James

    CO2 is plant food. Global CO2 levels have normally been much higher than now. Periods of higher CO2 corelate with higher plant productivity and greater biodiversity. Produce greenhouses typically run CO2 at around 1200 ppm or 0.12% of atmosphere. Nothing to be alarmed of here folks.

    • heywould

      Elevated C02 is not conducive to human food cultivation or civilization; thus existence. This is evidenced by the inability of our forebears to establish either before this era of consistent climate.
      It will be nice for the plants, and they will have all these juicy human remains to feed off of as well.

    • Gallilao

      That is right and when we exhale we expel at about 40,000 ppm, so it will take a long time before CO2 ever becomes a problem. Especially when the geological evidence shows that CO2 lags the temperature change at a steady rate of about 800 years.

    • stephan011

      No one is concerned about the toxicity of CO2 and it is deceptive to frame it that way.

      As you know. As we all know. The issue with CO2 is that it traps heat.

      Here’s the thing, it’s impossible we’re NOT heading the planet.

      You can’t fight physics.

      Here is a simple proof of global warming that doesn’t depend on *any* assumptions or predictions:

      1. We are dumping massive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and CO2 concentrations are skyrocketing, this is that that looks like, note the spike on the right hand side, that’s us. That spike started with the industrial revolution when we started dumping massive amounts of CO2 into the air:

      2. CO2 traps heat, the more CO2, the more heat.

      Therefore, it’s literarily *impossible* we’re not heating the planet.

      Now *where* all that heat is going, is complicated and that’s what climate models try to understand, but there’s no question at *all*, that we’re adding massive amounts of energy to the planet.

    • stephan011


    • stephan011


  • LS650

    Note the key phrase “in human history”. There have been periods in prehistoric times with much higher CO2 and temperatures than now.

  • Gallilao

    What great news! Now if we can just up the rate a little, maybe we can make it to 1000 ppm soon. The higher the CO2 the better for everything!

  • demac

    CO2 is a trace gas at 410 ppm (i.e 410 part per million or 0.00041 of the atmosphere). Man’s contribution to this infinitesimal amount is less than 2% (or 0.00008) The largest green house gas is water vapor and accounts for 95% of all the green house gas warming effect.

    To say that humans are the main cause of global warming is laughable; – termites produce 12 times the amount of CO2 as do humans.

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    Moderator got hurt feelings? Find crayons and a safe place

  • dave bainard

    The moderators here wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them upside the head.

  • dave bainard

    Great. More plant food so we get greener.