PC Gaming its successful E3 PC Gaming Show we saw at last year’s E3 will be returning at E3 2016. This is great news as the show revealed some pretty interesting things last year. The show brought us the confirmation of Gears Of War Ultimate (PC Edition) and the announcement of Frontier’s Planet Coaster.

For those who have no clue of what E3 is all about. E3 is one of the, if not the biggest annual gaming event in the world. The biggest developers and publishers reveal their newest games, updates, franchise, consoles, equipment and what not.

We hope that the E3 PC Gaming Show 2016 will bring us more exciting news. The show will take place on the 13th of June at 12 Noon (Monday). The previous year this would’ve caused problems with EA’s briefing. However, this year EA has decided to hold their briefing on Sunday.

According to PC Gamer, the show for this year will be even better than the previous year. They have promised to keep the show short but focused on what’s important and all that while providing us with “exclusive reveals”. They also promised “Tons of new announcements” and hopefully we will see much more than that. Blow us away PC Gamer, the expectations are high!

We have still no clue of which companies and developers will make an appearance on the E3 PC Gaming Show more on that will be announced the upcoming weeks. E3 is still quite some months away so we will be quietly waiting for more announcements. When we hear more we will immediately write a press release.

Next to E3 PC Gaming Show announcement we have more word on not to miss briefings for this year. As mentioned earlier EA will hold its briefing on Sunday, June 12th at 1PM PST. Bethesda will follow on the same day later that evening. The past few years Sony will appear on the Monday as well as Microsoft. Nintendo and Ubisoft’s events will be held on the Tuesday.

We hope that E3 will bring us some amazing stuff; we hope to see a big improvement in virtual gaming. Nintendo has announced a whole slate of games that are to be revealed at E3 2016 and hopefully they will shed more light on the new Nintendo NX console. According to rumors the development of the consoles started in October 2015 so we expect that the device will be playable at E3 2016. All that aside we are very excited about The Legend Of Zelda for Wii U, that’s what the whole world has been waiting for. Last year Nintendo failed to present us too much, so the appearance of this favorite is certain for this year.


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