Since quite a lot of months, we have been asserting that wearable smartphone accessories are the next big thing in the field of smartphones and technology. We have seen a lot of big and small manufacturers trying their hands at producing smartwatches, but not all of them are affordable.

But that wasn’t going to be a permanent thing, as like budget smartphones, budget smartwatches too have started emerging in great numbers in the market. One such cool smartwatch called the DZ09 Smartwatch has been sent to us by our friends at TinyDeal. So here’s a quick review of the gadget, after which we are going to give it away to one lucky user.

DZ09 Smartwatch Review

dz09 smartwatch

Before we start this review, we must tell you that this is a budget smartwatch, which is why it won’t fulfill your expectations if you are looking for something like an Apple Watch. Do remember that budget smartwatches are meant to give beginners a cheap and comfortable start into the world of wearable technology, and that’s exactly what the DZ09 Smartwatch intends to do.

Display and Design

dz09 smartwatch

The DZ09 is well-built and looks compact. From a distance, it looks like a normal watch with a button on the front. But as you go closer, you see that the 1.56-inch TFT LCD screen is blank and that it’s a digital smartwatch. The silver stainless steel casing along with the plastic back and the rubber strap looks nice and decent. Although the watch is a bit on the bulkier side, it’s okay for the internal features it provides. The display is nice and bright.

Features and Uses

Well, the DZ09 Smartwatch gets loads of features, and no person would use all of them. First of all, it connects to your phone via Bluetooth, but it has also got a SIM slot and a mic, which means that it can run as a standalone device and you can directly take or make calls and messages from the watch itself.

dz09 smartwatch

The smartwatch gets a pedometer, a sedentary reminder, a sleep monitor, an alarm clock, a calendar, SMS and Call reminder, time display (duh!), phonebook sync, camera, video and audio player, Bluetooth dialling, anti-lost, gravity sensor…the list really is too long! By the way, it gets a microSD card too.

So all in all, you get an Android-based smartwatch that can make and receive calls and messages and pushes notifications from your phones to the watch. It gives you an alarm function and a handy calendar, and also a calculator. There’s a selfie camera but it’s not of much use, but you can control your smartphone’s camera using the remote camera feature in the watch. You can play music and video and view images on the watch, and of course, you can also see the time. The anti-lost alerts where your phone is, and the pedometer, sedentary reminder, and sleep monitor help you in being healthy. The watch gets charged through the microUSB port. The 380mAh battery is removable and underneath is the microSD slot and microSIM slot.

Verdict and Price

dz09 smartwatch

Frankly speaking, the DZ09 is a beginner’s smartwatch. It isn’t fancy like the Apple Watch, but hey, we are talking about affordability here. The DZ09 Smartwatch costs $22.99, which is a great price for a gadget that offers you a start into wearable gadgets. It gets all the basic functions you need in a smartwatch, and it does not look bad at all.

You can know more about DZ09 Smartwatch and buy it at TinyDeal. And if you are looking for a more beautiful alternative that comes with a heart rate monitor too, then check out our i95 Smartwatch review.

And now, here is the chance for you to get the DZ09 for free! Yes, completely free.

DZ09 Smartwatch Giveaway

dz09 smartwatch

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DZ09 Smartwatch Giveaway


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