The UWP concept from Microsoft is definitely gaining interest among developers these days with companies not just releasing but also updating their app offering on more regular basis. Dropbox is the latest app to receive major improvements in Windows store today.


The app has been available as a UWP release for quite some time now with a complete set of features. And now, the company has released an update adding new features like Videocasting and more with the latest update. It now stands at version 4.3.

Following is a list of new features in this update:

Cast your videos to other screens

Stream easily your videos stored in your Dropbox using your laptop, tablet or phone to another screen with just one button. The app supports DLNA, Miracast, Xbox, etc…

Advanced comments notifications

In order to improve your productivity, you can now reply directly to comments from the Action Center or toast without needing to launch the app

Save/Export multiple files at once

Save your time and export/save many files at the same time. The download is now asynchronous, no more “downloading” screen, you can continue to use your Dropbox even during a download.

New UX for file actions

Right-click on a file/folder will now display a flyout menu instead of multi-selection, you will be able to quickly share or manage your files.

Improved full-screen mode

Full-screen mode for images and videos by hiding the system tray, your videos/pictures will use 100% of your screen.

As you can see above, the update comes with a lot of new exciting features and is a must for the users of Dropbox. The update is rolling out in phases so we are not sure if you are eligible for the same yet. Anyways, you can follow the link below to check whether the same can be downloaded in your country or not.

In case you happen to download the latest Dropbox app, share your experience with other users in the comments section below.

Download Dropbox for Windows 10


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