Stylized hero shooter Drawn to Death will drop onto the PlayStation Store on fourth April. The game is a cel-shaded game with up to 4 players going against each other. It blends four-player battling with Biro-planned visuals like something out of a ’80s pop video.

Drawn to Death
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Drawn to Death Launches April 4

Drawn to Death is the next big game from David Jaffe. He is known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal. Furthermore, this is the first for his new indie group. The game was initially reported back in December 2014. Drawn to Death was at first arranged as a free-to-play game. Be that as it may, it will now dispatch with a conventional sticker price. In the US, it will offer for $19.99 – despite everything we’re sitting tight for a UK cost.

Drawn to Death is a field shooter occurring in some exasperated youngster’s boisterous scratch pad. Given the way of weapons like a shoot breathing monster head, or characters named things like “Diablo Tijuana,” Jaffe planned a game specifically for the group of onlookers who’ve been holding up to go on another Twisted Metal killing spree. We’ve generally gotten pulverized in these games. Be that as it may, we need to give it a shot. The craftsmanship style’s appalling yet charming. You can look at David Jaffe’s meeting on PlayStation also.


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