The Dragon Quest XI hero might actually be a reincarnation of the hero of DQ3, not DQ1. The name of the world is Lotozetasia (Rotozetasia in Japanese) and Roto is the hero of DQ3. So it must be a reference to him/her. The creator of the game even implied that it wasn’t a coincidence when they revealed the name of the world. It’s Erdrick in the English version but roto in the Japanese version. Also, DQ3 is a prequel to DQ1 and 2. So he is the first hero of the DQ chronology. Hence that makes more sense. They actually gave a lot of hints in the event where they showed the opening movie for the first time. The guy even came on stage with roto’s sword.

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DQ3 happens before DQ1 though, the world you end up in is the same world the first game plays out in. So saying he is a reincarnation of the first character is not impossible. But we think the hero we play in DQ1 is his last descendant. While in DQ2 the main characters are all descendants of the hero in DQ1.

They directly call the hero for this game a reincarnation, though. So we wonder where in the timeline this happens, after DQ2 perhaps? We’re also sure the Hero in Dragon Quest XI will have customization like in DQ IX. But he will most likely be silent like all the other Heroes in DQ games. And the tree should be Yggdrasil, which has been a recurring object throughout the DQ series. And the roots should be a way of communicating with the tree or have fruits that are key to the plot in some way.

Also, we really hope they bring the God Bird Empyrea for this one. Which, if you don’t know, will either be or give us our “airship”. The Yggdrasil Tree/Leaf is also iconic to DQ. And appears as early as the first game.

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