We’ll show you how you can level up really fast in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and reach the max level. There are many ways to do this and you can choose the one, from those we mention here, you like to grind on. If you feel these methods are pointless, you could always do HIGHER starred parallel quests. Those will always give you a TON of XP but they take a lot longer.

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Fastest way to level up in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

For us, the best method is doing the last mission of the Great Saiyaman. You don’t have to fight and just need to pick up items. It can be done in 45 seconds and it gives you around 20,000 XP. In the same mission, if you want more XP, you can fight the first opponent that appears then pick up the items. It will take like 1 minute and a half and you will get 33,000 XP.

Also, there is a z-soul called 40 Tons Weights which is obtained after beating the story and is found on top of the pillars. As you’re walking up the stairs there is a guy you speak to from a secret group and he will give it to you and it doubles your score at the end of the PQ or Mission. This does work with masters.

Doing expert mission 17 with the double experience super soul gets you from level 1-80 in 45 mins. You get 200k experience each time. We also figured out that if you do the final mission with Vegeta at capsule Corp and have the weights on you easily get 30k experience. And it only takes 3 minutes or less to beat him. However, the fastest is parallel quest 83 with the XP super soul on. 15 seconds and all you have to do is just collect 3 Dragon balls. This will get you more XP than the Vegeta raid.

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