Mentors in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 can teach players new skills that get unlocked after you complete certain tasks. Mentor system was present in the previous game but this time it got tweaked a bit, making Mentors easier to find, and adding more tasks that give new skills.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mentors guide will show you where to find Mentors and which skills you get after completing Mentor tasks.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 new Mentors appear as you complete main quests. They are scattered throughout Conton City and as you progress through the story a lot of characters that you meet will be available as mentors after certain main quests are beaten.

As soon as a new Mentor, or a new Mentor mission show up the game will notice you; all you have to do is find the Mentor and speak with him. When meeting each new Mentor you’ll have to fight him, as part of the introductory mission. When you complete a lesson, a new lesson will become unlocked, asking from you to defeat the Mentor by using a new skill.

Aside from giving you new skills, Mentors can also give you grades after every battle you complete, and can even join you in Parallel Quests. Further, they can be found in Conton City, giving you a Battle Item after you talk to them. Some lessons are unlocked until your playing character reaches a certain level in the Time Patrol. The progress is shown as a bar that fills after every completed lesson. When the bar gets maxed out you become eligible for taking an advancement exam, which can be done at the Patrol Academy. The bar can be seen in the bottom of the screen while you talk to a Mentor.

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At the Patrol Academy, you can take advancement exams, which increase your rank, unlocking new Mentors as well as new lessons. The exams face you against a certain number of enemies, and you must battle them one by one. Every new rank will reward you with a new skill, but will also increase the difficulty.

There are five ranks in total, going from: Beginner -> Intermediate -> Advanced -> Kai -> God

You can check Mentor list containing all Mentors and skills they will give you, below.

List of Mentors

Captain Ginyu (Namek Area)

Intro: Defeat Captain Ginyu

  • Reward: Fighting Pose F
  1. Defeat Ginyu Force
  • Reward: Fighting Pose A
  1. Defeat Captain Ginyu
  • Reward: Milky Cannon
  1. Defeat Captain Ginyu
  • Reward: Body Change

Zarbon (Namek Area)

Intro: Defeat Zarbon

  • Reward: Audacious Laugh
  1. Defeat Guido, Recoome, Jeice and Zarbon
  • Reward: Gorgeous Shot
  1. Defeat Dedoria and Zarbon
  • Reward: Bloody Counter
  1. Defeat Ginyu Force and Zarbon
  • Reward: Elegant Blaster

Krillin (Orange Star High School)

Intro: Defeat Krillin

  • Reward: Rise to Action – Recovers Stamina
  1. Defeat Krillin
  • Reward: Orin Combo
  1. Defeat Yamcha and Krillin using Destructo Disc
  • Reward: Destructo Disc
  1. Defeat Krillin and Saibamen
  • Reward: Scatter Kamehameha

Kid Gohan (Bamboo Forest)

Intro: Defeat Gohan

  • Reward: Evil Ray Strike
  1. Defeat either Gohan or Krillin using Evil Rise Strike
  • Reward: Evil Rise Strike
  1. Defeat Gohan
  • Reward: Masenko
  1. Defeat Gohan
  • Reward: Explosive Assault

Piccolo (Orange Star High School)

Intro: Defeat Piccolo

  • Reward: Evil Explosion
  1. Defeat Piccolo clones and finish with Super Explosive Wave
  • Reward: Super Explosive Wave
  1. Defeat Piccolo, Krillin and Yamcha
  • Reward: Light Grenade
  1. Defeat Piccolo and finish using Special Beam Cannon (Advanced Class)
  • Reward: Special Beam Cannon

Yamcha (Time Nest)

Intro: Defeat Yamcha

  • Reward: Fake Death
  1. Defeat Yamcha with Wolf Fang Fist
  • Reward: Wolf Fang Fist
  1. Defeat Saibamen
  • Reward: Ki Blast Thrust
  1. Defeat Yamcha
  • Reward: Spirit Ball

Frieza (Namek Area)

Intro: Defeat Frieza

  • Reward: Death Beam
  1. Defeat Saibamen and Frieza
  • Reward: Death Crasher
  1. Defeat Frieza
  • Reward: Death Slicer
  1. Defeat Frieza
  • Reward: ??

Cell (Mushroom Desert)

Intro: Defeat Cell

  • Reward: All Clear
  1. Defeat Cell
  • Reward: Gravity Impact
  1. Defeat Imperfect Cell and Perfect Cell
  • Reward: Perfect Shot
  1. Defeat Cell
  • Reward: Perfect Kamehameha

Lord Slug (Dragon Ball Pedestal)

Intro: Defeat Lord Slug

  • Reward: Evil Eyes
  1. Defeat Lord Slug and Turles
  • Reward: Darkness Eye Beam
  1. Defeat Cell Jr and Lord Slug
  • Reward: Darkness Twin Star
  1. Defeat Lord Slug
  • Reward: Darkness Rush (Ranged)
  • Darkness Rush (Melee)

Vegeta (Near Business District)

Intro: Defeat Vegeta

  • Reward: Galick Gun
  1. Defeat Saibamen and Vegeta
  • Reward: Finish Breaker
  1. Defeat Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta
  • Reward: Flash Strike
  1. Defeat Vegeta
  • Reward: ??

Android 18 (Behind Accessory Shop)

Intro: Defeat Android 18

  • Reward: Power Blitz
  1. Defeat Saibamen and Android 18
  • Reward: Endless Shoot
  1. Defeat Krillin and Android 18
  • Reward: Deadly Dance
  1. Defeat Android 18
  • Reward: Dual Destructo-Disc

Raditz (Reception Area)

Intro: Defeat Raditz

  • Reward: Double Sunday
  1. Defeat Raditz and Nappa
  • Reward: Saturday Crash
  1. Defeat Raditz, Nappa Vegeta
  • Reward: Shining Friday
  1. Defeat Raditz with Weekend
  • Reward: Weekend

Tien (Near Mushroom Desert)

Intro: Defeat Tien

  • Reward: Dodon Ray
  1. Defeat Tien
  • Reward: Volleyball Fist
  1. Defeat Tien, Krillin and Yamcha
  • Reward: Tri-Beam
  1. Defeat Tien and Saibamen
  • Reward:  Neo Tri-Beam

Yamcha (Time Nest)

Intro: Defeat Yamcha

  • Reward: Fake Death
  1. Defeat Yamcha with Wolf Fang Fist
  • Reward: Wolf Fang Fist
  1. Defeat Saibamen
  • Reward: Ki Blast Thrust
  1. Defeat Yamcha
  • Reward: Spirit Ball


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