The Frieza Race have received a Golden Form in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. But how do you unlock it in the game? We made a guide for those of you who want the Frieza Race Golden form. At one point in the story of Xenoverse 2, the elder Kai will tell you that you can’t progress further until you get a new skill. If you’re of the Freiza race then that means you need the Golden Form. This requires going on a spaceship and get the Golden Form from Frieza himself.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 guide for getting Golden Frieza form

For every other race you’re able to become a Frieza Soldier as well. But you can’t do missions that are only exclusively available to those belonging to the Frieza Race. Every time you do a parallel quest, you’ll do a Frieza Summon which is simply an RNG type thing. Go to the Spaceship and talk to Frieza after you are done with some of the first few missions. Every time you visit him he will be a better fighter until he is finally in Golden Form.

To get Golden Frieza to challenge you to the final battle you need to answer with the opposite of what he expects to hear. Just choose these answers in the sequence we tell you here: No, Yes, No and Rebel. Then you will have to fight him one last time. After you’ve defeated him, you need to go and talk to Metal Cooler. He is in another part of the ship and will give you the blessing to learn Golden Form.

Now, go back to Golden Frieza and he will give you the mission that allows you to get the Golden Frieza form. You’ll be able to use Golden Form in this mission. It’s very strong and allows you to use a death beam. Defeat Frieza and Metal Cooler to unlock the Golden Form in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.