To unlock all the characters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 you have to complete the entire story, all parallel quests, and then use the Dragon Balls 4 times. We will show you the entire Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 roster from the base game. This doesn’t include Goku Black because he comes with the pre-ordered DLC. You also have to complete all 5 Master Quests, the ones with Transformations. Once you get all 5 eggs, you will unlock the secret Bardock Mission. Completing that will unlock the final character in the roster.

dragon ball xenoverse 2
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Full Character Roster of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 looks very similar to the first game but is different in many aspects as well. One of those is higher framerate. You can finally enjoy the game at a smooth and constant 60 fps. This will be true across all platforms. The game will also feature a brand new hub city called Cotton World. The previous Toki Toki hub world has been rebuilt into a new one.

The game features new characters including those from Dragon Ball Super. Since the original Xenoverse first came out, a brand new episodic series has made its way to broadcast airwaves. Fans will be happy to know that some of the characters from the anime series will make their way into the game. Goku Black, one of the most sinister in the new series, will be a playable roster fighter for the game in an add-on.

Future Trunks also returns to this game wearing his DB Super outfit. Additionally, characters who didn’t make the cut in the first game will be fully playable this time around. These include Android 16, Majin, Vegeta and many more. Players will have a number of new combat techniques and abilities at their disposal. Bandai Namco has listened to player feedback and produced a new dynamic camera system for the game. The new camera will follow the player’s movements and give it the best view possible.