Will Mercenary Tao rise to glory in the world of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? Well, it’s up to you really and we’re here to guide you to make that perfect Mercenary Tao for the devastation you wish to ensure on your enemies. It’s actually possible to recreate him exactly in the game as he was in the anime, just use this guide as a reference.

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How to make Cyber Mercenary Tao in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

He used a grenade so an attack like murder grenade is appropriate. Also, his cyborg form shot a ki blast from a megaman-style blaster under his metal hands. So, one-handed Kamehameha seems appropriate or any other attack shot with one hand like final shine is good too.

First, the basic character, choose the male earthling and make him 3/4 in height. Leave the rest of the options untouched. Make his skin tone slightly light and make his hair black. For eye color, set the black preset as well. Now return to the Character tab and it’s time to get into all the good stuff.

For head/ hair, make it Type 19. Eyes need to be Type 7. Pupils need to be Type 42. Nose needs to be Type 5. Mouth/ Jaw needs to be Type 5 as well. And finally, ears need to be type 2. Set his voice to number 4 and name Cyber Tao 3.0. As for his fight style, choose the very first option and now you are done with the customizing part. Now, let’s put the finishing touches.

Once you spawn into Canton City, go to the shop and customize your equipment. For upper body choose Qipao (Demon). Lower body needs to be Qipao (Demon). Hands need to be Gi (Demon). Accessory needs to be Tao Pai Pai’s Cyborg Head. And after this just set the colors accordingly and you should be good to go.

Let us know your thoughts on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 so far. You can use this excellent video guide by Rhymestyle for reference.


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