We figure some basic tips and tricks for newcomers are needed for people who just jump in into the game to understand how to work with the combo mechanics. Here is our Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Beginners Guide for combos. This is for those who play as a Saiyan in the game.

dragon ball xenoverse 2 beginners guide
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Beginners Guide – Saiyan Combos

The game doesn’t give you much info on how to combo in the game. It just drops little pieces of information for you in hopes that you will figure the rest on your own. We’re here to ease your brain so you can quickly understand the new combo system and ease into it gradually. This is also for those who are familiar with the combo mechanics from the original Xenoverse as this game has a lot of changes, in terms of combo, from that game.

Enter training mode and open the Options menu. Go to Combos List and look at the combos. However, the combos shown here are just basic. If you want to really combo then press the Jump button and start mashing Square for a generic combo but keep in mind that this will remove your stamina pretty quick. You can try out another combo as well but it will still launch the enemy player into the air. The most important thing to do after that is to do a full stamina break.

After the Stamina break, you can continue the combo and end it with an Ultimate. A way to launch the enemy player without a Stamina drain is doing it with a Triangle + Square. However, if you do this alone without mixing it with a Stamina Cancel then you won’t do a much damage as before. Also, this doesn’t work with all linked attacks. So, for example, you press the Triangle three times and then press Square, it will not launch the enemy player and you will only shoot a skee ball.

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