Dragon Ball Super has been getting exciting day by day. The series is currently on the Universe Survival Arc, which is said to be the most epic arc of the series up to date. The previous few episodes of the series focused on how Goku managed to recruit Frieza to his team and how the two fought an army of assassins together. And now, the much-anticipated Tournament of Power is about to begin and everyone is all hyped up for it.

Goku And Frieza Fight The Assassins 

The previous episode of Dragon Ball Super focused on how Frieza and Goku managed to take the assassins down. For those who don’t know, the God of Destruction of Universe 9, Sidra sent assassins to take Goku and Frieza down so they can’t participate in the upcoming Tournament of Power. As expected, the assassins weren’t strong enough to take those two down. Frieza even went ahead and transformed into his Golden form even when Goku told him not to because he’ll lose his energy. However, Frieza explained it to him that being in hell for so long has made him stronger than before.

Dragon Ball Super

Frieza Attacks Goku 

Frieza then started taking the assassins down one by one and he even started killing them. While Goku was trying to stop Frieza from his rampage, one of the assassins attacked the two with the destruction energy given to him by Sidra himself. Frieza managed to dodge the first two attacks, but the third one got him. However, the assassins were surely surprised to see both Goku and Frieza standing still even after the attack. And then, just as everyone predicted, Frieza decided to attack Goku. As Goku left his guard down, Frieza managed to attack him using the destruction energy, and Goku couldn’t get out of it. The latter then called Sidra to negotiate, but it turned out that the God of Destruction didn’t want him in his team at all.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power To Begin In Next Episode 

While Frieza was negotiating with Sidra, Whis and Beerus appeared out of nowhere and saved Goku. Before they left, Goku asked Beerus to let him fight Frieza one last time, and their fight ended with both of them landing a punch on each other’s face. And now, in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, the Tournament of Power will finally begin. All of the teams have gathered in the arena, including some new characters. Some unexpected guests have also arrived at the venue.

Let us know if you’re excited for the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super or not in the comments below.


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