Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode was aired a few days ago, and fans are now eagerly waiting for the next episode to arrive. The previous episode, however, has revealed a shocking truth about the ongoing tournament. In other words, it has revealed the actual purpose of The Tournament Of Power.

How The Tournament Of Power Started 

As we all know, a new arc recently started in Dragon Ball Super. The arc is titled as Universe Survival Arc and is said to be the most amazing arc of Dragon Ball Super. The main focus of the arc is the tournament organized by the Omni-King, The Tournament Of Power. The Omni-King sent an invitation to all of the 12 Universes, and told them to send their strongest fighters to fight. All of them accepted the invitation as the tournament was just meant to determine which is the strongest Universe.

Dragon Ball Super

Right after the tournament started, the Omni-King revealed a shocking rule about The Tournament Of Power, which left everyone surprised. He revealed that the fighter who loses in the tournament will be eliminated. In fact, the entire Universe of the fighter will be wiped out from existence. Because of this, each and every fighter was worried and begin to train in hope to protect his/her Universe.

Main Purpose Of The Tournament Of Power Revealed 

Later on, just when everyone calmed down from the shock they got after hearing the rule about the tournament, The Grand Priest dropped another bomb on them after he revealed the main purpose of The Tournament Of Power. Before the last fight between Universe 7 and Universe 9 began, The Grand Priest came forward and revealed that the main purpose of the tournament is to bring balance among the Universes as there are many of them. He further explained that the main purpose was to determine which Universes will get to exist as they are, and which ones should get wiped out. The Omni-King though that the best way to determine this was through a tournament.

Current Rankings Of The Tournament Of Power 

The Omni-King then ranked the 12 Universes. To Goku’s surprise, his Universe was weak as Universe 7 is ranked second to the last. Universe 1, Universe 5, Universe 8, and Universe 12 have been ranked higher, which means that they are safe. However, Goku will have to prove that his Universe is strong to by winning almost every match he will get into. Universe 9, which consists of Trio of the Dangers, was ranked at the last.

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