If there’s one thing that Dragon Ball Super fans are eagerly waiting for, it’s got to be the Tournament of Power. As Goku continues to hunt down fighters for his team, one of the episodes already showed Gohan training with his mentor Piccolo, who is now a part of the team. Looks like Piccolo is the eighth member of the team and Goku will have to round up the last two members. But then mystery continues to surround over the real identity of The Female Broly.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super spoilers: Identity of The Female Broly revealed?

As Piccolo continued to train Gohan to the max, Piccolo looked disappointed with Gohan’s attitude. He mentioned to Gohan that the only way he can survive and win the tournament is if he lets go of this arrogant behavior. To drive his point across, Piccolo tells Gohan how he was so full of himself when he took on Majin Buu. Gohan listens to his training mentor and shows him his new power.

The aura that we saw when Gohan was demonstrating his new power looked very much similar to The Female Broly’s aura. According to several YouTubers and other Dragon Ball Super experts, the famed video showing the transformation of The Female Broly to a Super Saiyan is very much identical to the one we saw when Gohan unleashed his new power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89

Although the true identity of The Female Broly wasn’t revealed by TOEI Animation, we’re getting to hear the name Kale, the name that has never been used in the series so far. So it looks like Kale is indeed The Female Broly. However, many questions remain unanswered. Her appearance strongly suggests she isn’t from Universe 11. But promo videos show otherwise. Is Kale, then, the sister of Cabba? Why did she join Universe 11?

Meanwhile, can Goku and his team win the upcoming Tournament of Power? It isn’t going to be an easy win for sure. What strategies will Goku’s team employ? Will they use Majin Buu’s powers to turn enemies into chocolate? Or will they use Solar flare to inflict some serious damage on the opponents? Or will Goku use Teleportation to up his game?

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