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The upcoming Tournament of Power isn’t going to be an easy win for Goku and his team. Gohan hasn’t been practicing martial arts for quite some time now, since he is busy studying to become a scholar. With Gohan needing some serious training and only a few days left for the tournament, it looks like strategy will be more important than sheer brute force. As Goku and Gohan continue to recruit members for Seventh Universe Team, what strategies can they use to win the upcoming Tournament of Power?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 85

Dragon Ball Super: Can Goku and Universe 7 Team win the Tournament of Power?

It looks like Goku and Universe 7 Team can win the Tournament of Power, but not without a tough fight. There are however several strategies that can be put to use by the team to ensure they don’t lose the tournament.

Strategy 1: Use Majin Buu’s powers

Majin Buu’s power to turn his enemies into chocolates can turn out to be an effective weapon in the upcoming Tournament of Power. This sounds simple but can be very effective if employed at the right time. All the team needs to do is to get Majin Buu to change the enemies into chocolates, get them off the platform and then restore them to original state! It looks like the opponents aren’t completely aware of Majin Buu’s powers to turn his enemies into chocolates. Given their ignorance, this strategy can work in Goku and his team’s favor.

Strategy 2: Use the solar flare

The Solar Flare, or The Taiyoken x 100, first used by Ten Shin Han and also by Krillin against Gohan, can turn out to be a game changer. The team can use the solar flare to turn the opponents blind and quickly remove them from the platform to win the match.

Strategy 3: Use Teleportation

Goku’s teleportation can work wonders at the right time at the right place. Although Goku will be hesitant to use teleportation to get the enemies off the platform, the strategy can take the opponents by surprise. Once the opponents are off the platform, they cannot fly, because in Munokai the flying ability gets cancelled.

Will Goku and the team win the upcoming Tournament of Power? Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section.

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