Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 as wrapped up on an interesting note. It has seen Son Goku is targeted by members of Universe 9. They encircle him and are ready to attack. What will happen next? Read to know four shocking moments from last episode here.

Great aka Grand Priest Announces New Rules

The episode titled, “Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!!” begins with the Grand Priest. He appears and makes the announcement that every Universe has to follow the rules of Tournament of Power. The first is the time limit. Total 100 taks are assigned as the time limit for the tournament. That is 48 earthly minutes.

The second rule is once the warrior is thrown out of the fighting stage, he or she is out of the competition. And last but not the least, there should be no use of a weapon, killing or flight. But those warriors who have wings can fly.

Dragon Ball Super
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Universe 7 Has A Plan

The plan of Universe 7 is to stick together. They are told by Beerus sama not to bifurcate the team and fight with the superior numbers. Gohan believes in the team work plan. But unfortunately, when the Tournament of Power begins, all the warriors start fighting against each other.  And Frieza and Vegeta also break away from the team plan.

Two Warriors Are Kicked Out of The Fighting Stage

A female warrior of Universe 10 is the first one to get kicked out of the competition. She forgets that she has wings and hence can fly. As a result, she loses while fighting to another warrior. Another warrior who tries to almost drag Son Goku and throw out of the Fighting Stage ends up falling himself.     Universe 4 warrior Nink is the second warrior to get knocked out.

47 Minutes Left Before The Tournament Ends

Just 47 minutes are left before the tournament ends and Goku is seen surrounded by more than one warrior. It is surprising to note that most of the warriors are considering Goku as a major threat. Will Goku lose this game soon? This is something to look forward in next episode.



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