Dragon Ball Super is becoming more exciting day by day as the end of Zamasu arc is approaching as we speak. In the past few episodes, Vegeta managed to gain the upper hand against Black Goku by going all out. Goku on the other hand, is doing pretty well against Zamasu too. Just when the duo is about to end the lives of the two, a few tragedies take place, because of which Goku and Vegeta lost their heat.

Goku And Vegeta Lost The Upper Hand

Goku and Vegeta have been fighting Black Goku and Zamasu for quite some time now. Vegeta recently managed to give Black Goku one hell of a beating, and it showed that his training finally paid off. Everything was going well, until Goku had to leave his fight with Zamasu to aid Vegeta in his fight against Black Goku.

Dragon Ball Super

Goku left off to fight Black Goku with Vegeta, while Zamasu approached towards Trunks, Bulma and Mai. The three surprisingly managed to trap Zamasu inside the jar using Mafuba technique. What they did was that Bulma started flirting with Zamasu. However, he didn’t buy it, but it still bought Trunks some time to trap him inside the jar. Though when he managed to trap him inside it, Goku reveals that he now needs to lock him away for good.

Trunks asks him how he can do that, to which Goku replies by saying that he needs the seal. However, he then remembers then he left the seal back at Master Roshi’s place and Zamasu then escapes from the jar using some kind of technique.

Black Goku And Zamasu’s Fusion

The scene then switched to Vegeta and Goku who are currently struggling against Black Goku, who has showcased another trick. He opened a black portal in the sky and summoned a lot of look-alike clones. This worried Goku and Vegeta as they couldn’t find the real Black Goku in so many clones. However, Black Goku had to head towards Zamasu as he sensed his Ki decreasing. The both then decided to combine their powers and end the lives of Goku and Vegeta once and for all. They then performed a fusion, leaving all who were present there speechless.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super’s Next Episode To Be The End Of Zamasu Arc

Now, the next episode of Dragon Ball Super, episode 65 will mark the end of Zamasu arc. Rumor is that the two will also come up with a technique and will end the lives of Black Goku and Zamasu once and for all. Maybe Master Roshi will make an appearance with the seal in his hand, and the two will then manage to seal Black Goku and Zamasu. Whatever happens, you can pretty much expect the arc to end soon.

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