Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 is titled as “The Time Is Here! To The World Of Void For The Fate Of The Universe!!” Speculations are rife that in this episode Frieza might ditch Goku’s team and join some other team. Read to know if this will happen or not.

Frieza Is Not Leaving Goku’s Team; Here’s Why?

The previous episode has teased the actual plan of Frieza after returning from hell. He seems to be interested in joining the Universe 9 forces rather than helping out Goku’s Universe 7. This led to speculations among fans that perhaps, Frieza might ditch Goku’s team.

But there is no need to worry. Frieza will not plan to leave Goku’s team. According to spoilers, in the credit shown there are images of the characters of Universe 7 team. In these same credits, fans can spot Frieza as part of Goku’s team. This itself bunks the rumor of Frieza leaving Goku’s team.

Frieza Might Fight Frost In Tournament Of Power

The Tournament of Power is set to begin in the next month. The preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 shows a glimpse where Frieza chats with Frost. This drops a hint that perhaps the two fight in the upcoming Tournament of Power.

Photo Source: YouTube/Everything In Dragon Ball

Meet Jiren From Universe 11

There have been speculations that Jiren is stronger than Toppo. Whether this is true or not will be learned in the next episode. Jiren is seen at the end of the Episode 96 preview. He is seen staring at someone. Goku in the clip is surprised to see Jiren and talks about his strengths. Will Jiren protect Universe 11 and help it to win?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Air Date

This most anticipated episode is set to air on June 25, 2017. This episode is going to reveal more details about the tournament and the Warriors participating.


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