Dragon Ball Super episode 93 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next episode to arrive. The past few episodes of the series have been really interesting as they have focused on how Goku has managed to find a replacement for Majin Buu. As we all know, Buu fell asleep before the Tournament of Power started and he isn’t going to wake up anytime soon. Because of this, Goku had to find a replacement for him soon, and he did. The team leader of Universe 7 decided to visit hell and recruit Frieza. However, it seems that Goku’s team is going to get into a lot of trouble in the next episode when the other Universes try to take them down before the Tournament of Power begins.

So without any further due, here is what is expected to happen in Dragon Ball Super episode 94.

Goku Recruits Frieza 

In the previous episode, Goku managed to convince Frieza to join his team by making a really neat deal with him, and he is currently trying to find the perfect present for Fortuneteller Baba so he can revive Frieza for 24 hours. Goku’s team was not happy with him bringing Frieza on board, but it seems that his team wasn’t the only team against his decision. Other Universes also heard about Goku recruiting a villain to his team, and they were not pleased with it. Because of this, the God of Destruction of Universe 9, Sidra, who currently holds a grudge against Universe 7, is planning to put Goku’s team in a difficult situation.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94

Sidra And Quitela Planning Against Universe 7 

Sidra is currently plotting a plan against Universe 7. According to the official details of the upcoming episode, Sidra will be planning to beat Frieza up so he can’t fight in the Tournament of Power. To avoid punishment from the Grand Priest, he is said to hire assassins to do the job. Along with this, Quitela, the God of Destruction of Universe 4 is also keeping a close eye on Universe 7’s team. Quitela has also been sending a spy to know what Goku’s team is up to.

Frieza Fights Against Enemies In Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 

The preview clip of Dragon Ball Super episode 94 on the other hand, gives us a glimpse at what we can expect to see in the upcoming episode. In it, Goku is seen telling Frieza to calm down and not to kill “those guys.” Fans are currently wondering who was Goku referring to. They can be either teams from other Universes who don’t like the idea of Frieza participating in the Tournament of Power, or they can be assassins sent by Sidra. Whatever the case is, the next episode of Dragon Ball Super is definitely going to be an interesting one.

Dragon Ball Super episode 94 is currently scheduled to air on June 11, 2017. Let us know if you’re excited about it or not in the comments below.


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